We set out to conquer pain management to help you recover quicker, and get back to the things you love.

How it all began

Nice Recovery Systems was founded in 2012 by Michael Ross, a serial entrepreneur and avid skier. In 2011 Michael decided to move to Colorado to be closer to the mountains and pursue his passion for ski racing. A gnarly high-speed crash cut Michael’s racing career short and led to multiple knee surgeries and a full year of recovery.

A critical part of Michael’s recovery was cold + compression therapy. He tried all the available solutions on the market – Game Ready, DonJoy, Breg Polar, etc. -- but found that they were poorly designed, too heavy and totally inconvenient due to their reliance on ice.

Michael set out to develop a small, lightweight cold + compression therapy device that would be extremely easy to use and able to provide personalized therapy based on user or physician preferences. Most importantly, the device would provide cold therapy without the need for ice.

Michael extensively researched different cooling technologies and worked closely with top orthopedic surgeons to define the exact requirement. He then spent 3 years developing, perfecting and executing the vision.

how it's going

In December 2014 the NICE1 cold + compression therapy system received FDA approval and 12 months later production of NICE1 commenced.

NICE1 quickly established itself as the market leader in technology and design. It was immediately embraced by leading orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers and professional athletes, including the Steadman Clinic, CU Sports Medicine, New York Yankees and US Ski & Snowboard Team. Because of Michael’s commitment to US manufacturing, the NICE1 is proudly made in Boulder, CO.

OuR team

In December 2014 the NICE1 cold + compression therapy system received FDA approval and 12 months later production of NICE1 commenced. 

Michael Ross
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Grant Kashner
Chief Commercial Officer
Brian Watson
Chief Operating Officer
Joel Meisinger
Chief Technical Officer
Dawn Beatty
Regulatory and Quality Manager
Philip Bombara
Fulfillment Specialist
William Viars
Client Support Manager
Abby Pettigrew
Engineering Intern
Abigail Johnson
Service Technician
Sovanna Ros
Assembly Operator
Sim Prom
Assembly Operator
Maria Saldana
Assembly Operator
Michael Capiton
Shipping and Receiving Coordinator
Teresa Smith
Production Line Lead
Marcella Lucero
Assembly Operator
Deborah Tourney
Assembly Operator
Joanna Chmura
Production Manager
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